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Welcome everyone to the fourth post about my Pilates experiences, here in our virtual corner. One of the things that catches my attention the most about the course is muscle strengthening. I worry a lot about this, because I tend to carry a lot of weight when I go to the supermarket to do the monthly shopping and I have to carry everything I bought. Pilates is known for strengthening muscles and I agree because I feel that the exercises need to be performed slowly (sometimes I can't do it, I do some faster, I can't keep up with the pace but I know I will in the future) and controlled with emphasis in the precision of movements, thus providing more muscle strength and this works for anyone. Therefore, Pilates has helped to alleviate the back pain I feel after carrying weight. That's it for today. Soon, I will share more experiences with pilates. See you soon!

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Welcome everyone to the third post in our virtual corner dedicated to sharing pilates experiences. I tell you that I have always been sedentary, since school, I never liked the gym because there were so many people exercising at the same time, all of them sweaty in the same environment. It seems cool, but dealing with judgmental looks, other people's observations, finally, having to adjust my schedule to go to the gym at the busiest times, only in the early hours of the morning, as everyone who goes to the gym looks for a more empty time. Speaking of physical activities, how can such simple exercises be able to make us feel how heavy our body is. These are exercises that you see our teacher Aline doing and think that they are simple, easy and light to do and when I do them it is not that light. With pilates anywhere, as the name suggests, I do the exercises at home, more comfortably, I feel much more comfortable, without judgment and I still have the freedom to keep the camera off if I want. As time passes, I will share more experiences with you. See you soon!

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Welcome everyone to the second post in our virtual corner dedicated to sharing pilates experiences. Today, I tell you about when I scheduled my evaluation. It was great to talk about my problems and she wrote everything down. After this assessment I had my first experience with pilates. Until then, I had never had knowledge or experience in Pilates, I barely knew it. At the beginning of something new, we are always excited to do exercises, have new attitudes, positive thoughts. At this moment, there is a mixture of excitement and uncertainty, literally a dance between the unknown and expectation. Pilates, in addition to being a science, a way of life, is an art. But leaving this contemplation and leaving the “comfort zone” and going to practice, the reality of the first exercises is different. I felt the weight of my body a lot, very slow movements and irregular breathing without following the movements of my body, but feeling like this, I saw the need for movement. The first class went by so quickly that I even wanted more. In the future, I will continue sharing my experiences with you! See you soon!

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