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Pilates is often practiced by people with severe movement restrictions, due to the specific benefits that this approach offers. That said, it is worth mentioning that Pilates Anywhere was created to guide and assist women with chronic pain throughout their life journey, restoring their autonomy and independence. Pilates is an excellent support tool for managing chronic pain in the medium and long term. See below some of the many reasons why doctors prefer Pilates.

Personalized Attention:

The instructor is trained to focus completely on the specific needs of each practitioner. This allows the adaptation of exercises according to individual physical conditions, goals and limitations.

Postural and Technical Correction:

Allows immediate corrections to the practitioner's posture and technique, crucial to ensuring correct execution of the exercises, maximizing benefits and reducing the risk of injuries.

Focus on Individual Goals:

Each person has specific fitness goals. Classes allow the instructor and practitioner to work together to set goals and create a program that most effectively meets those goals.

Accommodation to Health Conditions:

People with specific health conditions can benefit greatly from Pilates classes, as the instructor can adapt the exercises to meet their needs and restrictions more quickly.

Personalized Intensity:

The intensity of the exercises can be adjusted according to each person’s physical ability and limits. This is essential to ensure a challenging yet safe workout that is appropriate for the individual’s fitness level.

Focus on Body Awareness and Breathing:

Pilates emphasizes body awareness, breathing, and precise control of movements. Practitioners can enhance their body awareness, better understanding how their bodies respond to different exercises.

Group Classes:

Our groups are as homogeneous as possible, making it easier to address each person’s conditions during the practice. In addition, I offer my students a reassessment every 6 months, making it easier to monitor their individual progress and provide specific guidance for each student to learn how each exercise should be performed according to their individual conditions.


And all of this is possible after the first assessment, which I am offering to you free of charge, just fill out the form below!

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