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When I became a teenager I used to feel back pain, usually from tasks like washing dishes, sweeping the floor, sitting and studying for a long time, and obviously my mother thought it was a way to avoid doing "boring" tasks. However, I also felt pain from sitting for a long time watching TV on the couch, and I had a lot of difficulty breathing when I had to run in physical education.

When I became a teenager, I used to feel back pain, usually from tasks like washing dishes, sweeping the floor, sitting and studying for a long time, and obviously, my mother thought it was a way to avoid doing "boring" tasks. However, I also felt pain from sitting for a long time watching TV on the couch, and I had a lot of difficulty breathing when I had to run in physical education.

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(On the left, you can see my friend, with a healthy spine. In the center, me, approximately 17 years old and with a severe scoliosis.)

In the photo are my brother, grandfather, mother, and me from behind. At approximately 19 years old, at that time, the aesthetic aspect began to bother me to the point that I considered going through all the risks of surgery. The blouses were very twisted on my body, and I was very uncomfortable. Even the zipper on my pants was further to the side from my belly button. I used to lie on my back and see one side of my ribs much higher than the other.

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We discovered  a  severe  scoliosis  in my spine  already  with a 64° Cobb angle. I went to more than 10 doctors for months until I found one who gave me the option of using the Milwaulkee brace and conservative treatment. As my mother was a SUS nurse, she had in mind that we should try Physiotherapy before considering a surgery of this size (very smart, she S2 Thanks mom). It was then 6 years between RPG, gym and swimming (and the terrible vest). Unsuccessfully. The curvature that we monitored every 6 months continued to progress by 1° per year, and as it already had a severe angulation, it was indicative of surgery.

I should add here, how horrible was it to wear that vest?

Can you imagine, a 15 year old girl, in the middle of the madness of puberty, having to wear this horrible thing 23 hours a day?

There was no internet for us to scour and look for ideas on Pinterest on how to wear this with an outfit that would look less ugly or attract less attention.

I literally felt like a freak, inside and out.

To this day I still go to therapy to see if I can improve my self-esteem.

In December 2008, already studying my first year of Physiotherapy, I underwent surgery.
From then on, my life was about being careful with how I moved,
I was very afraid of moving "wrong" and hurting myself.

I used to go to college and work with a really big pillow. In fact, I never stopped to think that someone might be watching. The only thing I thought about was how uncomfortable the chairs were all inside a health college. After 6 months I was discharged from the doctor and was able to return to my physical activities, so I went back to the gym and signed up for a Pilates class on the recommendation of a lot of people.

In 2013 I discovered Pilates, and it was then that my life really started again.

Pilates taught me how to move consciously and made me regain my body's confidence and functionality as primary gains. I consider all these skills that I acquired later, flexibility, strength and resistance as secondary gains, which you will see in the photos below. Furthermore, it greatly complemented my Physiotherapy sessions with my patients. And I ended up falling in love with this world of physical activity. Over the years I discovered my place in the world and my purpose. I only worked with a health insurance company when I was still in college and two months after I graduated. I soon noticed how precarious that type of care was, I was always left with the feeling that there was a lot left to do with the patients. I then decided that I would work on my own, win over my clients, serve each person for as long as I determined would be best and that I would receive the amount that I thought was worthy of all my effort and dedication, from the moment I sat down to studying, until the moment I bought equipment and spent fuel to go to a client's house. I already had a personal goal which was to stay up to date in my field, and therefore I attended conferences in Brazil, once a year, and that required money.

In 2017 I started the journey to open my own space, I rented a small room inside a gym for physiotherapy services. Soon after, it evolved into a larger room, where I could place my own Pilates equipment and I shared a large house in Vila Mariana, in São Paulo, with other wonderful women, from the health sector and entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and dentists.


I believe that because I positioned myself with a value at least equal to the value set by COFFITO, that is, it was not a low and undervalued market value for physiotherapy services, people ended up coming to me who had already tried everything to improve their performance. a pain, and when they came to me they imagined that if they invested some money in their health they could improve their pain with a professional who would give them the necessary attention. That is, Physiotherapy 1, 2, 3, 4, and up to 5 times a week if applicable, with the right to 1 hour (sometimes more) of care.

This is how I learned active listening, acceptance, compassion among other skills, which go far beyond ancient techniques and modern devices.

And at that moment I realized the need to study the complex world of chronic pain and truly understand what the word INTERDISCIPLINARITY meant. I started studying chronic pain.

I started traveling to all the SBED (Brazilian Society for the Study of Pain) conferences, joined and read the year's articles whenever I received my copies. I got to know EBP (Evidence-Based Practice) and entered a very crazy universe of Science. I discovered that things I believed in weren't real just because people said they were many years ago. But that is a topic for another time.

In January 2020, I signed a contract with a rooftop room that could fit my complete Pilates Studio, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And I started offering online services until August 2020, and that's how I realized how many people I could help through the Internet. I maintained services in a hybrid manner until the beginning of 2023, and served people with different physical conditions within the area of orthopedics and traumatology. when I decided to close the Studio, sell everything and move to Canada, keeping only my online clients.


Applying Pilates with people who lived in other states and even other countries, such as Spain, USA, Pernanbuco, Santa Catarina, Amazonas, I saw that it was possible to live like this and expand the company this way. It was then that Pilates Anywhere appeared.

I deal with chronic pain not only as a professional but also as a person.

If you are looking to improve your quality of life and alleviate your pain, you have come to the right place, as this is what I have been doing for over 13 years as a Physiotherapist, Pilates and Functional Training Instructor.

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