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​​Aline Marques de Castro

CEO & Founder of Pilates Anywhere


Open hours:

​Mon to Fri from 8:00AM to 06:00PM (EDT - Toronto Time)

+1 613-804-8083 (Canada)



Bachelor of Physiotherapy from São Camilo University in 2011.


Postgraduated in Exercise Physiology at UNICID

2013 onwards

Extra Courses

  • The Complete Pilates Course

  • Pilates for Pregnant Women

  • Advanced Mat Pilates - Stott Pilates, Colleen Craig

  • Functional Training by CORE360

  • Functional Training in Injury Prevention - CORE360

  • Pilates Biomechanics - Prof Janaina Cintas

  • Update on Electrothermophototherapy - Prof Phd Thiago Fukuda

  • Assessment and Treatment of ACL Injuries - Prof Phd Thiago Fukuda

  • 8 Steps of Athlete Assessment - Prof Phd Thiago Fukuda

  • Manual Myofascial Release - Prof Mosiah Araújo

  • Assessment and Treatment of Lower Limb Injuries - Prof Phd Christopher Powers

  • Assessment and Treatment of People with Chronic Pain - Prof Dr Arthur Padao

  • Exercise Prescription for People with Lower Back Pain - Prof Bruno Montoro

  • Clinical Reasoning in Electrothermophototherapy - Prof Filipe Abdalla

  • Everything About Pain - Prof Phd Leonardo Ávila

  • Translator and Interpreter English/Portuguese in Health Workshops.

Pilates Anywhere

The meetings are conducted via Google Meetings through video calls.

The goal is to make what matters most to our clients easy:

Time and health management with excellence and practicality!

Online support via WhatsApp is available 24/7 to all clients.

Diverse and Inclusive

Aline de Castro, a Brazilian residing in Canada, has over 13 years of experience in providing care. Since 2021, she has expanded her reach to offer virtual sessions to people from various parts of the world, promoting global assistance to individuals facing physical limitations.

Aline is committed to providing support not only to patients but also consistently studies and updates herself to help physiotherapists worldwide in providing relief and well-being to their patients.

Pilates Teacher Training

Here you will learn how to incorporate Pilates into your session according to each person's needs, adding value to your session.

Request your interview now to find out if you meet the selection criteria to participate in the program.

Be prepared to face the inherent challenges that affect people with pain.

How I started entrepreneurship

My career

I started with a small 3x3m room inside a gym, where I sublet 3 times a week.
It was necessary to climb a flight of stairs, so this made it impossible for me to serve people with restrictions there. But I was allowed to use any equipment in the gym if it was empty. I attended to my patients who came, recommended by acquaintances or other health professionals that I came into contact with through the clinics I worked at, Instagram, or through a Google search. There were years of a lot of learning and adaptations.
After the COVID-19 pandemic, with the release of COFITO for teleconsultations, I started online work that has proven to be very functional over the years for both parties, professional and client.

Pilates Anywhere

When I moved to Canada, I continued to see some online patients who were already in the maintenance phase, as well as those who were doing Clinical Pilates.
And in this process, the Canadian company Pilates Anywhere was born.
Today, it is expanding and improving, always listening to its clients to better serve them.

My Pilates Journey

Getting to know us

Welcome to Pilates Anywhere! We are a team of dedicated professionals here to help you manage chronic pain and improve your well-being through Pilates. Founded by Aline, a Physical Therapist and spinal surgery survivor, we offer online classes tailored to your routine, allowing you to practice anywhere. Our instructors focus on exercises that promote pain-free movement and reduce stress and fear of movement, empowering you to live a healthier, more active life.

Explore our website to learn about our programs and join our supportive community!

What our clients said...

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